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Gazelle is the secondary antagonist of the action comedy film Kingsman The Secret Service .About Gazelle. Kingsman The Secret Service film . Gazelle is first seen in a mountain hut after slicing in half a Kingsman agent and is then seen to place white cloths over the dead bo.s in order to prevent Valentine seeing the blood. Gazelle is also seen with Valentine at the shooting of Harry Hart at the church in .Effects like this have been achievable for quite some time now, as shown by the special effects shots of Gary Sinise as Lt. Dan in the film Forest Gump. Sinise wore blue socks during filming, and his legs bellow the knee were digitally removed in post production. For some scenes they may have used a .Le bras droit redoutable de Samuel Lee Jackson GAZELLE ! Rejoins nous sur Facebook facebook .

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Kingsman Film Gazelle

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Kingsman film gazelle


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