Kingsman Film Delay

Kingsman The Secret Service was a big sleeper hit, racking up $m worldwide and confirming director Matthew Vaughn as a major Hollywood player. So can the British film maker repeat the trick? So far Kingsman The Golden Circle is balancing precariously at approval on the reviews aggregator .Kingsman The Golden Circle was originally supposed to be released on June , , but Fox announced via BoxOffice that it s delayed until . While the date change may disappoint some fans who were looking forward to seeing the movie as soon as possible, since Kingsman The Secret Service was .Th Century Fox has decided to shift some important release dates around, with Alien Covenant coming earlier than expected..There will be one more film after The Golden Circle, according to Colin Firth and Taron Egerton..

  • Kingsman Film Delay
Kingsman Film Delay

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Kingsman film delay