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Now on Digital GetKingsmanGoldenCircle Now on Blu ray DVD BuyKGC “Kingsman .The sequel appears to have all the same building blocks in place, with the major addition, as the plot synopsis reveals, of a US version of the agency. When [the Kingsman] headquarters are destroyed and the world is held hostage, their journey leads them to the discovery of an allied spy organisation in the .When old school, super secret, non governmental agency Kingsman loses a man in action, gentleman agent Harry Hart, aka Galahad Colin Firth , breaks with a tradition of snobbery and chooses to train working class lad Gary Unwin, aka Eggsy Taron Egerton , as a potential replacement. After Kick Ass .The Manor has a large sublevel facility which includes a large hanger, Ops Command Ctr., Medical Center, and training complex. The Manor is connected to the Kingsman Tailor Shop via a hyperloop. It was destroyed in the beginning of Kingsman The Golden Circle, but was rebuilt by the Statesman at the end of the film..

  • Kingsman Film Building
Kingsman Film Building

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Kingsman film building