Jack Oconner Fast Furious

Jack mimicking Brian. Jack is the son of Mia Toretto and Brian O Conner, the nephew of Dominic Toretto and Letty Ortiz, the older brother of Mia and Brian s daughter and the cousin of Brian Marcos. A minor character in Fast Furious and Furious , Jack serves as Mia and Brian s motivation to keep their family safe and .Cole Corbin Beau O Conner is the year old son of Brian O Conner and the older Half brother of Jack O Conner and Dominic Nico O Conner. . Fast and Furious spoilers Brian spends three years in prison and when he is released has to find his way back to his family but struggles with all the changes he has been .”Mr. O Conner! Mr. O Conner! Hurry! This way! This way!” a nurse said to Brian O Conner in Spanish as he arrived with Dominic Toretto after a race to the hospital for the birth of the former s child with Mia Toretto, the latter s younger sister. “It s okay. I got it,” Elena Neves, Dom s girlfriend, replied to the nurse .

Jack Oconner Fast Furious

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Jack oconner fast furious


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