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Syntax FOR D [ r] parameter IN folder_set DO command Key folder_set A set of one or more folders. Wildcards must parameter A replaceable parameter in a batch file use G on the command line G r Recurse into subfolders see notes below . In all cases C \> dir b s a d “C \Work eports*”. To loop .It has been years since Jeepers Creepers I was y back then watching Justin Long without his eyes while the song going like Jeepers Creepers, where d ya get those peepers? Jeepers Creepers, where d ya get those eyes? that was frightening!! Phil Neale. month ago. About time to. Decent simple. month .Anybody involved in making this film deserves to be put in public execution. Not only the worst Jeepers Creepers ever made but the worst movie I ve ever seen in my life as well. I ve seen better high school play than this garbage. It s pure trash. It s so bad that you d wonder how the hell did this junk even got .Count files in subfolders, FOR D A IN * DO ECHO. A DIR ” ~A” A D B S | FIND C V “” , Counts the number of files in each subdirectory. Will show its result like this My Pictures . Language independent. Count files in subfolders, FOR D F IN * DO ECHO ” F” XCOPY ” F\*” .

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