Film Flatliners Review

The only thing redeemable about this film is the premise itself, which has been done better in the past, so I can t recommend this movie to anyone, but I do recommend checking out the original Flatliners if you haven t seen it yet. More. KJ Proulx. Super Reviewer. . Flatliners sinks down the drain in terms of .Deep in the bowels of a university s medical school, a group of students intentionally kill themselves for minutes at a time to experience what lies beyond. This is a fabulous idea for a movie, but unfortunately “Flatliners” represents the second failed attempt to do it justice. It s not a terrible film, and neither was .Trailer Flatliners . A preview of the film. By SONY PICTURES on Publish Date . Image courtesy of Internet Video Archive. Watch in Times Video “. embed. The original “Flatliners,” directed by Joel Schumacher from a script by Peter Filardi, teamed the newly minted Julia Roberts with the .

Film Flatliners Review

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Film flatliners review


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